Automotive Books

Automobiles Quarterly from Vol 1 number 1 to Vol 35 number 4. Over 35 years of automotive history. These hardcover books (they call them magazines but...) cover it all. The nicest collection you could ever invest in, but have sturdy bookshelves, they are heavy! $1800.00 and we will pay the shipping anyplace in the US. - SOLD

We have many out of print Automotive books from Abarth to Zimmers. Please feel free to e-mail your wants at any time. We try to price these bookds below market and I am sure you will be pleased. Some of the titles in stock now are:

Rolls Royce - The Magic of a Name Parts 1-3 in Slip Case By Peter Pugh H/C
The Rolls and Royce Story By Bryan Morgan 9.95
Rolls Royce - The Living Legend By Post Motor Books H/C
The Ford Road By Lorin Sorensen 49.95 H/C
Automobile Quarterly:
Volume 16, No.4
Volume 17, No. 1
Volume 17, No. 2
Volume 17, No. 3
Volume 17, No. 4
Volume 18, No. 1
Volume 18, No. 2
Volume 18, No. 3
Volume 18, No. 4
Volume 19, No. 1
Volume 2, No. 2
Volume 33, No. 1
Pocket Guide to Speed Records By Andrew Duncan H/C
A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt - 3 By Commemorative Edition 14.95 p/b
Detroit Steel - 2 By David Fetherston 6.98 p/b
The Technique of Motor Racing By Piero Taruffi 7.50 H/C
The Automotive Career of Ransom E. Olds By Glenn A. Niemeyer 20.00 H/C
Car Crazy - 4 By Dean D. Dauphinais and peter M. Gareffa 16.95 p/b
Dale Earnhardt - 4 By Collector Handbook and Price Guide 14.95 p/b
The Last Days of Steam Around London - 2 By Kevin Robertson H/C
Automobile Connoisseur: 4 Published By Julian Berrisford 15.00 H/C
Maybach By Michael Graf Wolff Metternich 85.00 H/C
Rolls Royce - State Motor Cars By Andrew Pastouna 49.95 H/C
American Supercar By Roger Huntington 12.95 p/b
Mazda Miata By Rod Grainger 24.95 p/b
Micro and Mini Car By Bill Siuru 17.95 p/b
American Cars By James M. Flammang p/b
Illustrated History of Ford By George H. Dammann 39.00 H/C
Cord 810/812 - The Timeless Classic By Josh B. Malks 24.95 H/C
Mustang 641/2-68 By Tom Corcoran 19.95 p/b
Thunderbird By Alan Tast 21.95 p/b
Cars Cars Cars Cars By S.C.H. Davis 10.00 H/C
Motoring By L.T.C. Rolt 10.00 H/C
The World of the Automobile By Ralph Stein 25.00 H/C
Racing Cars Racing Cars Racing Cars Racing Cars By Richard Hough 7.95 H/C
Automobilia First Edition By David K. Bausch 19.95 p/b
Sports and Classic Cars By Griffith Borgeson and Eugene Jaderquist 20.00 H/C
The Complete History of General Motors By Richard Langworth 6.00 H/C
The World of Automobiles: 1,2 and 3 Encyclopedia All Three for 50.00 H/C
Automobiles from the Collection of D.E. “Hap” Motlow By Vanderbilt University 5.00 p/b
Harley-Davidson - 2 By Herbert Wagner 24.95 p/b
Harley-Davidson Collectibles - 2 By Michael Dregni 35.00 H/C
Property From the late Willet H. Brown Sotheby’s Inc. 5.00 p/b
On Bentley Published By Bay View Books 19.95 H/C
Service Workshop Manuel - Volkswagen Types 11 and 15 By Volkswagenwerk GMBH p/b Spiral bound
Seventy Years Of Buick By George H. Dammann 75.00 H/C
World Cars 1978 By Automobile Club of Italy 30.00 H/C
Great Collectors Cars - 2 By Gianni Rogliatti 7.50 H/C
Classics of the Road By David Burgess Wise 7.50 H/C
The Great Cars By Ralph Stein 5.00 H/C
The Metropolitan Story By Patrick R. Foster 24.95 H/C
Marquees of America By John Gunnell 18.95 p/b shrink wrap
The World’s Motor Museums By T.R. Nicholson 10.00 H/C
A History of General Motors 19.98 Timothy Jacobs H/C
A Century of Harley-Davidson -2 By Peter Henshaw 19.95 p/b
Les Grandes Routieres France’s Classic Grand Tourers By William Stobbs 39.95 H/C
A Pictorial History of the Automobile By Philp Van Doren Stern 19.85 H/C
The Treasury of the Automobile - 2 By Ralph Stein 9.95 H/C
Antique Automotive Collectibles By Jack Martells 90.00 H/C
Great Cars and Grand Marques By Beverly Kimes 20.00 H/C
Harley Davidson - 2 By Peter Henshaw 14.98 H/C
The Great Cars - 2 By Ralph Stein 14.95 H/C
Elite Cars By Consumer Guide 5.00 H/C
Veterans and Vintage Cars By Peter Roberts 5.00 H/C
Runabouts and Roadsters By Bob Stubenrauch 15.00 H/C
For Millionaires Only By Gordon Cruickshank H/C
Sports Cars of the World By Ralph Stein 15.00 h/C
Ford at Fifty Published by Simon and Shuster 2.50 H/C
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trucks and Buses By Denis Miller 25.00 H/C
ROF -Wagen Manual p/b
Motorcars of the Golden Past By Ken W. Purdy 45.00 H/C
History of the Motor Car By Marco Matteucci 17.50 H/C
Mercedes Benz Portrait of a Legend By Ingo Seiff 39.98 H/C
The Custom Body Era By Hugo Pfau 35.00 H/C
Automobile Year 1958 Edition 2.49


Great Automobile Designs by McLellan
The Iron Redskin by Sucher
Ford: The Dust and the Glory by Levine
The Thoroughbred Motorcar by David Scott-Moncrieff
Three Pointed Star by David Scott-Moncrieff
Automobile Engineering 6 vols from 1936
Isotta Fraschini by Anselmi - SOLD

And books on Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen (including the New Beetle), Cord and many others.